Read this short story of a boy name Ramu who saves a rich man and his valuables:

In the village of Arkala, there was a boy named Ramu who was very helpful and kind. He had lost his parents at a very young age. He didn’t have anyone in his family, but the villagers loved him dearly as their own child.

In the same village lived a rich man named Mr. Sharma. He had 2 servants, his servants used to stay with Mr. Sharma and take care of his house and other valuables. Mr. Sharma used to trust them a lot, but he was about to know the dark side of his servants very soon.

One day Mr. Sharma had to go to town for some business so he asked his servants to take care of everything and he left. The sinister servants decided to take advantage of this moment. During the moonlight chill, they decided to take away all the valuables and run away. Little did they know that they were going to face a difficult obstacle. When both of them were discussing about their plan to elope with the valuable, Ramu heard them talking. As night came, they started making arrangements. Ramu got to know their plan and got himself ready for the mission.

He then placed a big rock just outside Mr. Sharma’s house and waited for them. As soon the servants were about to run away, they tripped over that big rock which they could not see due to the darkness. Ramu also called the police. Police came and arrested both the servants and informed Mr. Sharma about the incident that took place at this house. Mr. Sharma quickly returned from the town and was very disappointed to know the truth of this servants. The servants were sentenced to an imprisonment of five years. Mr. Sharma thanked Ramu and said, “Thank You Ramu…. Had it not been you, these valuables wouldn’t be here.” He gave Ramu a bag of gold coins as a “Thank You” gesture and praised him in front of all the villagers. Ramu was elated and he contributed the money for the development of his village.

Short Story by Aditi Mahanti.

So, what do you think should be the “Moral Of The Story”? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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