For the last one year, it was a challenging situation for all of us as the entire world faced pandemic due to COVID-19. In this situation many people had suffered and many lost their life. Wearing of mask, sanitizing, frequent hand-washing and cleaning the surroundings has become our daily routine. The entire country and most of the other parts of the world underwent complete lockdown to avoid mass spreading of the virus. We all stuck in to our houses and the social get together was stopped even for our closed relatives and friends. We started depending more on online modes with help of technological advancement in communication to keep it touch with others. Schools, higher institutions, offices, transport were closed and we were confined to our four-walled home only. Nobody thought that it will last so long particularly the schools. Many people lost their jobs and suffered badly due to this situation, particularly those who are daily labourers.

One community in particular, the health care providers, which include doctors, nurses and health staffs played a pivotal role to first handle the situation, and then to overcome it. They saved as many lives as they can without bothering about themselves. They are fighting this battle of saving the mankind relentlessly by keeping themselves at stake. They are the frontline warriors to combat this pandemic.  Many doctors, nurses, and health staffs lost their life during this time in order to save us. When we kept ourselves indoors thinking that if we go outside we might get infected, but they performed their duties day and night to provide treatment and care for the patients. Many of them even faced awkward situation as they have been told by their landlords and other residential community members not to enter in to their own houses due to fear of infection. Many nurses and staff also faced problem aroused due to poor transport. But beside all the challenges they stick to their duties and continuously fighting the battle even today. Many of them either didn’t avail or didn’t get leave for some days to rest. They constantly worked untiring and without any remorse. At one time the way our health professionals were getting infected it developed a hint of uncertainty among us, that if we fell ill, then to whom we are going to visit.

Then came a ray of hope. When on one side, our health professionals were working hard, our scientist, on the other side, also played significant role to discover the all necessary vaccine in order to combat the virus. It is a proud moment of all Indians that our scientist have discovered two vaccines, absolutely Made in India. It is because of them we are feeling a sigh of relief. Currently India is driving the mass vaccination program which is perhaps the largest vaccination program in the history of mankind. These vaccines are not just for us. The Government of India is also providing vaccines to our neighbouring countries and other parts of the world, absolutely free. It has become possible because of all the hard work done by our scientist fraternity.

Now we all are eagerly waiting for our schools to get re-opened. We desperately miss the class room culture. But here also our beloved teachers played significant role by keeping constant touch with all students and provided necessary teaching through online platforms.  We are slowly but surely getting back to normal life but not as earlier – it is new normal. So we all have to follow the health protocols even after getting vaccinated.

Hence, one thing which COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, despite all sort of challenges, is that, it is not our film stars, not cricketers, but our doctors, scientists and teachers are the real heroes of the society. Salute to all of you.

Short story by Akanksha Das

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