Welcome to Part 2 of Special GK Quizzes as a part of Learn Easy With Aditi Special.

Let’s see the questions as well as the answers. The video is down there below!

Let us start the quiz and prepare ourselves to learn a few new things!

Who was the first woman to become a minister in the Union Cabinet of India?

Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

When a pangolin rolls up into a hard, scaly ball, which two animals can unlock it?

A lion or a tiger

Is the guenon a monkey or llama?

A monkey

Does the gymnure belong to the hedgehog or rodent family?


Which animal does a peccary resemble?


What are hoofed animals with an even number of toes on each foot known as?


Why do pangolins swallow insects whole?

They can’t bite because of no teeth.

At the mouth of which river is Hong Kong situated?

Pearl River

After whom was Bolivia named?

Simon Bolivar

Name the complex in females resulting from an attachment to the father, that involves unconscious rivalry with the mother.

The Electra Complex

Which American Scientist invented the laser in 1960?

Theodore Maiman

Which sea separates Japan from the mainland of Asia?

The sea of Japan

Which French region is called Devil’s Island?

French Guiana

What is a group of dolphins called?


What is a male ant called?

A drone

Istanbul is a major city of Turkey. What was it’s former name?


“What’s done cannot be undone.”. In which play did Shakespeare write this?


In which country is Kimono a traditional women’s robe?


Which are the countries linked by the Karokoram Highway?

China and Pakistan

With which religion is the Golden Temple associated?


Video on Part 2:

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