Welcome to Part 4 of Special GK Quizzes as a part of Learn Easy With Aditi Special.

Let’s see the questions as well as the answers. The video is down there below!

Let us start the quiz and prepare ourselves to learn a few new things!

From which language did the word ‘Bank’ originate?


Name the river which flows by the Taj Mahal of Agra.

The Yamuna

‘Star Wars’ is one of the defence programmes of the United States. What is it’s original name?

Strategic Defense Initiative

Name the first two husbands who were also the brothers of Cleopatra.

Ptolemy XIII & Ptolemy XIV

Name the two major islands of New Zealand.

North Island and the South Island

Name the god of fire in Indian Mythology.


Why are marsupials mammals?

They carry the young ones in a pouch

How do dolphins communicate?

By shrill sounds inaudible to us

Which state in Russia and the U.S.A. have the same name?


Which civilization first used the term ‘legionary of an army’?

Roman Civilisation

Who was the only American President not elected by popular vote?

Gerald Ford

Which successful Austrian composer died a pauper at the early age of 35?


Which British Prime Minister called Mahatma Gandhi a ‘half-naked fakir’?

Winston Churchill

Which of the great apes is nearest to man in intelligence?


How can you find out the age of an ibex?

By counting ridged sections on it’s horns

What is a group of bears called?


Which wild animal has the guinea pig developed from?


What is the average length of a giraffe’s tongue?

45-50 cm long

Which family does the grison belong to?


Of which country are the Sherpas a tribe?


Video on Part 4

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